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An unmistakable identity, a strong and independent design with a healthy dose of passion just describes the first 10% of Norqain watches.

With the logo consisting of two ‘N’ side by side, that mimic the shape of a mountain, Norqain is displaying their Swiss roots, an unmistakable mark of quality. The name of the brand additionally is not just another name but is an acronym that contains what the brand is striving for:

Founded by Ben Küffer who has been passionate about mechanical watchmaking since his childhood. Ben with his father, who has a track record of 45 years in watchmaking, have always been looking into creating the perfect watch. When Norqain was founded, the culmination of their prior ideas went into the design of their watches.

Behind the young Norqain brand, there is quite a dream team. Marc Küffer is the Chairman of the Board, Ted Schneider, whose family used to own Breitling, is a member of the Board of Directors, and Mark Streit is part of the management team and board. Mark Streit is a Swiss ice hockey legend and Stanley Cup winner, that really underlines the Swiss original value that Norqain stands for. He is passionate about the art of Swiss watchmaking and has an irrepressible drive for adventure, freedom and independence.

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Life moments are what make us who we are. They give us the strength to be present in the moment and at the same time, they serve as our future memories. Freedom, adventure, and independence are what define the stories of our moments.

The Norlando strap of Italian leather with special NORQAIN stitches, the reduced dial design, and the domed crystal quickly gave me the feeling that the Freedom 60 collection is vintage inspired. 

The watch with NORQAIN calibre NN18 (ETA 7753) movement has many great details like the “NORQAIN plate” on the left side of the watch that can be engraved with your own personal message.


The Adventure collection is a line with a sporty and strong character. I was lucky to see the collection in person, and I immediately noticed the distinctive "NORQAIN pattern" on all the dials. 

Just like the Freedom 60 model above, this Adventure Sport Auto also has the unique and distinctive “NORQAIN plate on the left side of the case.


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Freedom 60 Chrono Auto

Adventure Sport Auto


N = Always open for the NEW 
O = Going through life OPEN-MINDED
R = A healthy dose of REBELLIOUS 
Q = Life is about enjoying QUALITY TIME 
A = Seeking ADVENTURE 
 I  = Always feeling INDEPENDENT 
N = Proud to be part of a NICHE